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Return to work after injury or illness with confidence. Our vocational rehabilitation experts can help you succeed in your career goals.

Return To Work With Confidence

Vocational Therapy In Metro Vancouver/Greater Vancouver And The Fraser Valley

Struggling to find work or return to work after an injury or illness? Our vocational rehabilitation experts can help you succeed in your career goals.

What Is Vocational Rehabilitation?

After an injury or illness, a common goal is to return to our previous lifestyle, activities, and routine. Returning to work facilitates the recovery process and adds significant value to our lifestyle balance, mental health, and financial wellbeing. However, returning to a previous job is not always suitable or available for everyone after an injury or illness.

Vocational Rehabilitation can assist you in finding employment that is suitable to your abilities, is meaningful to you, and reflects your highest earning potential. Vocational Rehabilitation can find volunteer opportunities that help to develop industry-leading skills required for competitive employment or recommend appropriate continuing education to further your development for work-related goals.

If returning to your pre-injury job is available, vocational rehabilitation can facilitate the process of returning to work. Our rehabilitation experts can meet with your employer to discuss options for returning to work, suggest modifications in your workplace to better support your ability to complete job duties, and implement and monitor your return-to-work program to ensure a successful return to pre-injury job duties and work hours.

If you are searching for a new career, vocational rehabilitation can assist you in interest exploration and assist you in planning the steps needed to increase your skills and overall employability using their expertise of the job market.
Vocational Rehabilitation collaborates with you to return to or find a career that you find meaningful and can be successful in, with long-term sustainability.

Vocational Therapy Overview

The Infinity Health Team can assist with your vocational recovery. You may be seeking Vocational Rehabilitation services independently, or your employer, doctor, or other healthcare professional may recommend it to assist in your return to pre-injury function.

Your recovery process will include:

  1. A comprehensive assessment to review your pre-injury functioning, current health status, employment history, skills, education and abilities, interest, and future career and financial goals.
  2. Following a comprehensive assessment, a treatment plan will be created with appropriate action steps to help you meet your goals.
  3. Support and monitoring will be provided once your treatment plan has been created to ensure long-term success.

Vocational Therapy Services

Resume preparation

Our vocational rehabilitation experts will assist you in creating effective cover letters, resumes, and job applications that reflect your personalized skills and experience.

Interview skills training

Our vocational specialists can assist you in developing successful interviewing skills. They can assist you to practice answering frequently asked interview questions, and increasing confidence with job interviews.

Transferable skills analysis

Our vocational specialists will review your skills, knowledge, and experience to assist in planning your work-related goals, whether it be returning to a previous job or applying your abilities to a new career. Our team can provide professional recommendations to harness your current skills into a new area of work.

Supported job search

Our vocational rehabilitation experts review the job market to identify in-demand careers and labour needs and examine market research to identify earning potential in careers of interest. Using this information, they will provide suggestions for jobs that reflect your skills, have high income earning potential, and are in competitive demand to ensure you have the greatest opportunity for success.

Rehabilitation counselling

The Infinity Health team is here to support your health recovery. Our vocational specialists provide career counselling, and our clinical counselors and occupational therapists provide professional mental health services. Vocational-specific counselling addresses individualized experiences related to sustaining or transitioning to employment.

Additional services available:

  • Career/Interest exploration
  • Job market exploration
  • Functional capacity evaluation for job demands
  • Gradual return to work programs
  • Job-site visits and assessments
  • Modification of job-site
  • Ergonomic assessments
  • Modification of work duties
  • Volunteer training programs
  • Paid training programs
  • Recommendation for continuing education and skill development

Vocational Rehabilitation Works

Vocational rehabilitation is evidence-based and has proven to aid in employment outcomes for individuals experiencing a variety of health concerns. Individualized treatment strategies will be recommended depending on your unique needs, skills, and aspirations. Vocational Rehabilitation has proven to increase chances of gainful employment by over 60%, and when used in conjunction with Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Counselling (dependent on individual health needs), success rates improve even further.

Our therapists are highly qualified and offer a professional, compassionate, and collaborative approach to meet your unique rehabilitation and work-related goals. Our team takes interest in learning about our clients to provide suitable recommendations and utilize evidence-based interventions to help you achieve your goals in an efficient manner, with lasting success.

Our functional approach is holistic and considers your individual needs. Please contact info@infinityhealth.ca for more details on how we can assist with your vocational rehabilitation needs so you can return to work safely.

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